About Us

About Us

| Steel Detailing, Drafting & Welding Company

Trustworthy Custom Steel & Welding Company in Buffalo NY

Our Skilled Staff

Our staff includes highly experienced detailers and checkers that began their steel experience in a fabrication shop 35 years ago as a steel draftsman on the board. Now they are the hard workers that make our business as successful as it is. 

We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective work. Through our teamwork, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible. 

Throughout the entire detailing process, Bender’s Technical Detailing is in communication with the fabricator and engineer to clarify design, fabrication, and erection considerations. Our staff has worked for different fabrication plants, so they know what is required for the fabricator to create for the steel members. As always, we approach every task with the idea that it can be accomplished in a professional and energetic manner.
Steel Structure Detailing & Design in Buffalo NY

| Our Sales Department

We are continually researching and developing new customer bases. At Bender's Technical Detailing, we believe in keeping in touch with our current customers to see if there are any special needs or requirements they may have. 

For your next structural or miscellaneous steel project, e-mail or call our Sales Department.
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