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Our bridge projects include the following:

New York State D.O.T. Train Bridge

• Location: New York 
• Tonnage: 12 Tons
Custom Steel Bridge Underpass, Buffalo NY
Steel Girder Construction in Buffalo NY
Steel Train Bridge Construction, Buffalo NY
Vermont D.O.T. Route 9 

• Location: Vermont 
• Tonnage:  
Finger Joint
Constructed Steel Finger Joint
Custom Steel Finger Joint
Steel Finger Joint Closeup
South Park Lift Bridge

• Location: Buffalo, NY 
• Tonnage:
• This bridge is located on South Park Avenue in Hamburg, NY
Industrial Steel Lift Bridge, Buffalo NY
Girders for Steel Lift Bridge, Buffalo NY
Steel Lift Bridge Stairway, Buffalo NY
Buffalo NY Custom Steel Lift Bridge
Structural Steel Constructed for Lift Bridge, Buffalo NY
Steel Bridge Railings, Buffalo NY
Long Distance View of Steel Lift Bridge
Completed Industrial Steel Lift Bridge in Buffalo NY
Yonkers Greystone Train Station

• Location: Yonkers, NY 
• Tonnage:  
Custom Commercial Steel Walkway
Commercial Walkway Constructed
Steel Walkway/Bridge Construction
Gasport Lift Bridge

• Location: Gasport, NY 
• Tonnage:  
Steel Bridge Construction
Custom Steel Bridge
Structural Steel for Constructed Bridge
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge 

• Location: Lewiston, NY 
• Tonnage: 
Underside of Steel Bridge, Buffalo NY
Structural Steel Supports for Bridge, Buffalo NY
Structural Base for Steel Bridge, Buffalo NY
Goat Island Railing

• Location: Niagara Falls, NY 
• Tonnage: Miscellaneous 
Custom Steel Railing, Buffalo NY
Structural Steel Bridge Railing, Buffalo NY
Custom Steel Railings, Buffalo NY

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