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As an innovative and professional steel company, Bender’s Technical Detailing Inc. is committed to providing our customers with a constructive new approach to structural steel detailing. We have been providing our experience and professionalism utilizing state-of-the-art programming and skills ever since we opened our doors in 1981.

Our knowledgeable team creates detail drawings of structures like commercial buildings and bridges and then sends those drawings to steel fabricators who bring the drawings to life. We also get help from architects who generate the ideas and the engineers who design the steel framing. 

Steel Bridge Railing Structure in Buffalo NY
Industrial Steel Construction, Buffalo NY
In-Progress Commercial Steel Structure, Buffalo NY
Custom Steel Dome Structure in Buffalo NY


There’s no company that will work harder to meet all of your needs and specifications. Using our 3D modeling systems and technology, we are able to create structures, buildings, and more that accurately model the look and function of the finished product. This allows our customers to get an inside look during the design and construction process. 

Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority, so we make sure that all of the steel services that we provide always keep the customer in mind, including steel detailing and structural drafting. If you’re interested in learning more about the projects that we’ve worked on and completed, please check out our projects page.
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Bender’s Technical Detailing is committed to excellence, so why choose any other steel construction company? We’re one of the leading steel companies in Buffalo, NY, so get in touch with us today!

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